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European Union (Brussels)

Campaigning to ensure the EU has strong policies and laws to fight climate breakdown, tackle corporate injustice and corruption and prevent human rights and environmental abuses. Read more

Established in 2017, our Brussels-based European Union office is campaigning for the EU to implement ambitious policies to transition to a greener and more just world.

We are currently campaigning for EU institutions to :

●     Introduce robust corporate due diligence rules

●     Ensure that EU consumption of products and services is not driving deforestation

●     Tackle corruption risks associated with Golden Visas schemes

●     End support for new gas infrastructure

●     Protect and support environmental defenders

Download our briefing: Campaigning for a Europe that delivers for people and the planet (pdf)

The EU is a major global political and economic power. Policies and legislation agreed in Brussels affect the lives of millions of people.  The EU also has a vital role to play in regulating financial institutions, investors and companies both within the 28 member states and beyond. 

Though our EU office is fairly new, we have been shaping the EU legislative and policy agenda through our campaigning and advocacy for over a decade.

We exposed how mismanaged ‘golden visa’ schemes are enabling corruption on an unprecedented scale and opening Europe’s door to the criminal and corrupt. This lead to the European Commission officially recognising that golden visa schemes threaten the EU’s collective security and its integrity and the European Parliament voting for the schemes to be phased out.

Our sustainable finance campaign helped  ensure agreement in the European Union requiring investors to report on their due diligence to ensure they do not fund projects that contribute to climate change, deforestation, or human rights violations.

We have successfully campaigned for better rules to tackle conflict timber and secured changes to guidance on EU rules governing the trade in illegally harvested timber (EU Timber Regulation). We also worked with Member States and the European Commission to ensure better implementation of the EU’s timber regulation, resulting in more checks by national authorities and fines for companies in breach of the law.

We secured groundbreaking new EU rules to reveal the true owners of European companies, through changes to the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive. This ensured that all 28 EU member states will introduce public registers of the real (or beneficial) owners of companies by 2020 - a game-changer for tackling anonymous companies.  

To find us or get in touch, see the contact page. For vacancies in this office, see the jobs listing. To keep up to date, follow:

  • Rachel Owens, Head of the EU Office @rachelowens
  • Richard Gardiner, EU campaigner on sustainable finance and corporate accountability, @richardandrewg1
  • Giulia Bondi, EU forests campaigner, @giuliabond