Greenwashed Hydrogen

Hydrogen Europe, one of the most influential hydrogen lobby groups in the EU, has been putting sustained pressure on the European Commission to adopt sustainability standards for renewable hydrogen that risk turning this supposedly green fuel into a polluting one
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Why natural gas is dangerous for the climate

Fossil fuel companies are keen to promote gas as the cleaner, greener fuel of the future. There’s just one problem – it’s not true. Fossil gas is just another fossil fuel
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Oil, gas and mining transparency

Corruption and fraud in the oil, gas and mining industries props up brutal regimes and lines the pockets of kleptocrats. Companies and governments must end the secrecy and bring deals and profits into the open
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European Union (Brussels)

The EU is a major political and economic power. Policies and laws made in Brussels affect the lives of millions of people. Our EU office campaigns to ensure EU institutions implement ambitious policies that work for people and planet.
European Parliament - March Plenary Session Is On