Just over a week ago, dozens of people were killed in Northern Myanmar’s Kachin State when Myanmar’s military bombed the music festival they were attending - likely the deadliest single air strike out of many perpetrated by the military  since staging a coup in early 2021.

Myanmar Protestors Three-Finger Salute

Protestors salute in solidarity outside of Myanmar's embassy in Bangkok after Myanmar's military junta executes four pro-democracy activists. July 26, 2022. Peerapon Boonyakiat/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

While parts of the international community have condemned the military’s brutality, such condemnation has rarely been followed by concrete actions that would bring real consequences to the military for its violence. Instead, unfulfilled promises to the people of Myanmar have enabled the junta to operate with impunity.

This must stop. Today, Global Witness joins the US Campaign for Burma, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and 285 other NGOs, humanitarian groups, diaspora communities, and friends of the people of Myanmar from around the world in calling for a concrete policy response from the US and its allies. The US must:

  1. Restrict the junta’s access to the funding it needs to sustain itself by imposing sanctions;

  2. Restrict the junta’s access to the fuel it needs to conduct air strikes against Myanmar civilians by suspending exports to Myanmar;

  3. Restrict the junta’s access to the arms and surveillance technology it needs to repress the people of Myanmar by imposing an arms embargo; and

  4. End the junta’s impunity by supporting international justice initiatives that would see military members answer for their crimes.

Continued inaction will only embolden the military to commit further atrocities. The time to act is now.