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Investigative journalism is vital to ensure the powerful and corrupt are held to account and the voices of people seeking justice are heard. Yet the free press is being eroded, as journalists are threatened, attacked and even killed.

  • Press Release | March 08, 2021

    Global Witness response to military crackdown on independent Myanmar media outlets

    Global Witness strongly condemns the news announced today on Myanmar state television that Myanmar’s military junta has stripped five independent media organisations of their licences. Mizzima, Myanmar Now, 7-Day, DVB and Khit Thit Media have all been banned from operating and publishing. We also condemn the Monday raiding of Myanmar Now’s offices.
  • Blog Post | May 02, 2019

    The threats to journalists that don’t make the front pages

    With a spate of recent murders of journalists in Malta, Slovakia, and Bulgaria, the threat to journalists have never felt so close to home. But the weapons that the powerful use to suppress speech are often far subtler.
    Protesters march in Bratislava after murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fianceé Martina Kušnírov