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Rising commercial interest from foreign agribusiness companies keen to cash in on arable land and cheap labour has seen many communities in Laos forced off their ancestral lands, with families losing their livelihoods. Rubber is one of the key drivers of these land grabs, as revealed in our 2013 report and video 'Rubber Barons'.

  • Report | May 13, 2013

    Rubber Barons

    Vietnam’s two biggest rubber companies are moving into Cambodia and Laos, seizing farmland, flouting land and forest protection laws and wrecking local livelihoods.
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  • Archive | December 21, 2012


    Largely overlooked by the international community since suffering heavy bombing during the Vietnam War, Laos recorded the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia in 2012. A decade of surging growth has attracted investor attention, with agribusinesses from nearby countries like China and Vietnam flooding in to cash in on an abundance of arable land and cheap labour.