Rich and powerful oil and gas industry bankrupting Britain

20th September 2023, London – Media reports and comments by Government Ministers that the UK Prime Minister is set to weaken the country’s climate commitments are a dangerous and disingenuous politicised game that will only serve the interests of powerful, polluting industries and the politicians invested in them, while condemning the rest of us to decades of higher bills and climate insecurity, according to Global Witness.

Alice Harrison, Fossil Fuels Campaign Lead at Global Witness, said:

“Make no mistake, this shift in policy and tone has absolutely nothing to do with protecting the British public, but is a sign of a government that’s desperately trying to cling onto power through dangerous and disingenuous rhetoric. It is an outright lie that tackling the climate crisis has to be at the cost of ordinary people, while letting off the hook the rich and powerful fossil fuel companies that are overwhelmingly responsible for the climate crisis the world is already experiencing.”

“This government has seen energy bills soar on its watch, while companies like BP and Shell raked in record profits. This is the injustice that the Prime Minster should be going after, instead of pandering to the interests of oil and gas. The solutions to the climate crisis are the very same ones that can bring down energy bills and provide energy security for all – an immediate boosting of renewable energy and weaning this country off expensive fossil fuels. But it would seem that the obvious sadly doesn’t suit the PM’s narratives, nor his mates at BP and Shell.”

“At this point it’s hard to tell where the Conservative Party ends and where the oil industry begins. As Britain heads into another winter of high energy bills it’s shameful that this government is leading us into a bleak future of climate disasters, and those responsible are getting ever richer. If this is the twisted logic the government are to lead on as we head to a General Election it couldn’t be a clearer – this is a government on the side of polluters, not people.”

A Government for polluters not people: