21st October 2021, London - Commenting on a leak showing a number of countries pushing to remove calls for a fossil fuel phase out from a UN report, Murray Worthy, Gas Campaign Leader at Global Witness, said:

“The science is already absolutely beyond debate. The burning of fossil fuels is the biggest driver of the climate crisis and must be phased out if we are to protect the future of people and planet. To know that some powerful states are still fighting to resist this necessary outcome is shameful.

“The imminent COP coupled with the small window we have to reverse global warming, means we stand at a key moment for the future of this planet. Those states fighting to keep the status quo and deny the urgent action that is needed will be judged to be on the wrong side of history. At least through this leak they have been named and shamed – and now must be opposed in the strongest possible terms, if this COP is to be anything like the success it needs to be.

“What’s worse is the extent to which many know they are wrong with the likes of Australia and OPEC also pushing to remove any reference to the role of fossil fuel lobbyists in watering down climate policy. Not only do they want to put their own short-term and narrow interests first, they want to do so under a cloak of darkness. It only serves to further expose the insidious relationship between governments and their toxic friends in the fossil fuel industry.”