Press release | Sept. 21, 2020

Statement on Changes to the Global Witness Board

Mark Stephens has resigned as Chair of the Global Witness Board after almost five years at the helm. Mark Hannam, who joined the Board more recently, has also made the decision to step down. 

Global Witness will be appointing an Interim Chair and begin recruiting for new Board Members in the coming weeks. 

Mark Stephens’ and Mark Hannam’s departures come in the context of a debate within the organisation about the best ways of managing potential future conflicts of interest or reputational risks.

Mike Davis, Global Witness CEO, said: “It is difficult to overstate the important role Mark Stephens has played in guiding Global Witness in the five years he has served as our Chair. He has brought huge legal expertise, as well as strategic insight and a global network that has supported our campaigning work and our organisational development. We hope he will continue to be a close friend of the organisation as we focus more directly on averting the climate crisis.

“Since he joined the Board, Mark Hannam has offered invaluable support and advice to the Board, the leadership team at Global Witness and the organisation as a whole. He has shared his experience in finance, social investment and organisational governance with immense generosity and vigour.

“We would like to thank both of them for the commitment and support they have given the organisation.”