Press release | May 18, 2018

Regulating risk: Why a sustainable Europe begins with clean investments.

On ­­­Wednesday 23rd May at 10:30 AM, Global Witness, ShareAction and WWF will be holding a press conference on Regulating risk: Why a sustainable Europe begins with clean investments.

The conference will be held at the Brussels Press Club Rue Froissart 95, 1040, Brussels, Belgium

With EU legislative proposals on sustainable finance due the same day, NGOs Global Witness, Share Action and WWF will answer questions on what's expected, and why laws must urgently be put in place to curb the excesses of deregulation, extensive financial intermediation and lack of accountability to end-investors, in order to ensure our money is used to help protect the environment, curb climate change and protect communities from harm. 

Speakers will include:

Rachel Owens
Head of EU Advocacy
Global Witness

Eleni Choidas
Senior EU Affairs Officer

Sebastien Godinot
WWF European Policy Office

To confirm your attendance please contact: Aleksandra Terzieva

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