Press release | June 26, 2019

Maureen Kademaunga has stepped down as a member of the Global Witness Board

Maureen Kademaunga has stepped down as a member of the Global Witness Board, leaving with us her support and inspiration for our fight against corruption.

Ms Kademaunga made her decision to step down from the Global Witness Board of Directors after accepting an elected role for the National Executive Committee for the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe.

In response to the announcement, Global Witness’s board Chair, Mark Stephens said: “Maureen Kademaunga has been a source of inspiration and guidance for the organisation. Her work as a human rights and civic leader, demanding accountability and transparency from government and industries alike is a critical force for a better world, and lies at the heart of what we do here at Global Witness.”

Maureen Kademaunga said: "I stand for what Global Witness stands for: driving forward change, preserving our planet and protecting the public from corrupt behaviour. While I’ve chosen to step down from my role due to my new post in elected office, I will continue to support the fight for justice and the work Global Witness does.”



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