8th February 2024, London - The UK Labour Party scrapping its policy of spending £28 billion a year on green investments is a disappointing sign of what can be expected from a future Labour Government. 

Alice Harrison, Head of Fossil Fuels Campaigning, at Global Witness, said:

“This capitulation is a real setback for all those hoping that a Labour government would herald a much-needed shift on tackling the climate crisis.”

“Whoever wins the next UK election will preside over a make-or-break moment on climate change. This urgently requires the phasing out of fossil fuels and a turbo charging of a green economy founded on renewable energy. Not only will this protect the planet, it will create thousands of green jobs and begin a transformation towards a safer, more equal society.”

“Today’s announcement will give confidence to the oil and gas industry and those who stand to benefit from a fossil fuel energy system. For the rest of us, faced with unaffordable energy bills, fossil fuel-funded wars, and the floods, storms and droughts that the climate crisis brings, this is a deeply disappointing signal on the low level of ambition a future government has when it comes to the biggest challenge the world is facing.”