Press release | July 13, 2018

Global Witness condemns the imprisonment of activists in Niger

Global Witness stands in solidarity with the journalists, human right defenders, activists and bloggers facing their fourth month in jail in Niger.

Twenty-eight people were arrested  following a peaceful protest against a regressive new finance law. The law will force the entire population of Niger, the second poorest country in the world, to pay taxes on housing and electricity for the first time, while giving huge tax breaks to multinational companies.

Four of the most prominent activists stand trial on 24 July, and are likely to receive lengthy jail sentences. The other protesters are being held without charge.

“We are deeply concerned about the future of these journalists and activists, and the future of Niger” said Simon Clydesdale, Oil Campaign Leader at Global Witness.

“A free press and a strong civil society are crucial in the fight against corruption. Ali Idrissa, one of the men standing trial later this month, has led the campaign for transparency in Niger. We will not rest until our colleague and all of his fellow activists are free.”



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