Press release | Nov. 14, 2017

Global Witness comments on UK Parliament’s emergency debate on the Paradise Papers

Following the emergency debate that took place this afternoon in the UK Parliament to discuss the Paradise Papers, Murray Worthy, Senior Corruption Campaigner at Global Witness said: 

"How many more leaks, exposés and scandals in the UK’s tax havens does this government need to see before it takes action? Today the government defended the status quo in the UK’s tax havens, failing to tackle a murky offshore system that enables money laundering, corruption and tax evasion. The government has the power to act, and it is refusing to do so.

The UK government must end its tax havens’ secrecy by getting them to publicly reveal the true owners of companies set up there. Doing so will open up these tax havens, making them a far less attractive playground for the corrupt and their ill-gotten gains."



Notes to editor:

1.  See Global Witness's briefing on Corporate Secrecy in the UK's tax havens for more information. 

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