Press release | Nov. 13, 2019

Global Witness calls on next Government to show real action on climate change

13th November 2019, London – Commenting on today’s pledges by the leaders of the Conservative Party and Scottish National Party to tackle the climate crisis, Global Witness is calling on all UK political parties to show real action on climate change, particularly as the next Government will host the 2020 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Ken Penton, Climate Campaigner, Global Witness said:

“Recent months have seen a huge wave of anger amongst the public over the climate change emergency facing the planet and clearly this cannot be ignored by politicians seeking votes. But with the world currently afflicted by dangerous wildfires and floods its clear what’s needed is more than words – it’s deeds that count.”

“Global Witness is calling on all parties in the UK General Election to commit to a managed phase out of fossil fuel extraction in order to meet the 1.5C warming goal we have already signed up to. Likewise making strong commitments at home whilst continuing to fund fossil fuel projects abroad is not climate leadership. If the UK wants to be a real climate leader, and be taken seriously ahead of chairing the next COP it must change course. This includes stopping plans to increase oil and gas extraction, end subsidies to oil and gas companies, and phase-out UK export finance support for fossil fuels abroad, the latter of which locks developing nations into fossil fuel dependency that will harm the people most vulnerable to its effects.”



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