Press release | Feb. 18, 2020

Global Witness appoints Mike Davis as new CEO

Global Witness is pleased to announce that Mike Davis has been appointed, effective immediately, as our new CEO. Mike brings with him a wealth of campaigning, investigative and leadership experience as well as insightful strategic understanding.

‘Mike has excellent knowledge of our history, our campaigns and our culture.  He is without doubt incredibly proud of Global Witness and its people and is highly committed to the organisation and its sustainable success,’ said Mark Stephens, Chair of Board, Global Witness.

Mike was appointed Interim CEO last summer. The Board felt that over the past 7 months he has shown himself to be a credible and decisive leader. Previously, he held the role of Director of Campaigns, Planning and Evaluation, where he oversaw the development of a new Global Witness strategy with a strong emphasis on abuses of power driving climate crisis. 

‘I am humbled and delighted to take on this role for Global Witness. I feel incredibly proud to have been part of an organisation that has accomplished so much, across so many apparently intractable global issues. Now more than ever, we must all come together to achieve bigger and more far-reaching changes,’ said Mike Davis, CEO Global Witness.

Mike’s exemplary track record fighting corruption with Global Witness spans over 15 years across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe and includes managing the organisation’s work on forest protection. Based in Asia for 7 years, he oversaw the organisation’s work in China and conducted in-depth investigations into corruption in Myanmar’s multi-billion dollar jade business; producing a series of explosive publications on the generals, drug lords and tycoons involved. 

Global Witness is focusing its efforts to address the climate crisis and corporate and state capture, by confronting corruption and challenging the systems that enable it. Drawing on our extensive track record of impact we are working to expose the vested interests at the heart of these abuses, calling for an end to use of fossil fuels and destruction of tropical forests, due diligence within the financial sector and strengthening of the rights of communities facing predatory resource grabs.



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