Jo Blackman, Head of Forests Policy and Advocacy, Global Witness responds to the UN's announcement of the newly formed Forests & Climate Leaders' Partnership (FCLP): 

"Preserving the world’s forests is critical to keeping the world cool – they are the lungs of our planet and there is no credible way of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees without them." 

"So, it is welcome that governments are committing to ensure forests are high on the agenda at each COP meeting. However, signing up to the Forest and Climate Leaders Partnership and holding meetings is not enough to show leadership."

"Each member must demonstrate action nationally to keep forests standing and protect the rights of indigenous people and local communities living in them. In consumer countries this means passing laws that end the importation of products from deforested land and end the financing of deforestation. The EU and UK have taken first steps on this but they still have a long way to go. Other financial centres such as the US and China have even further to go." 

"If it is to succeed, FLCP must focus on delivering regulatory and legal change and it must hold governments to account for their Glasgow forest commitments. Ultimately, it's action not words that will stop our forests being destroyed. It is not only the legacy of the UK’s Glasgow COP conference at stake here, but the health of the planet."