Reacting to today's announcement of joint EU-US support for US gas exports, Murray Worthy, gas campaign leader at Global Witness said: 

Today’s agreement puts the EU and the US on a misguided and dangerous path by fast-tracking new infrastructure to import fossil gas into Europe. Europe already has enough capacity to import the amount of gas the US intends to supply, and building new import terminals would mean locking in fossil gas imports for years to come, long after the EU needs to quit this climate-wrecking fuel for good.

“Doubling down on gas is not the solution, whether it comes from Russia or the US. This announcement does not and must not be used to justify more fossil fuel projects in the US. New gas export terminals would take too long to build to help Europe now, would lead to huge climate wrecking emissions and only help the fossil fuel industry.  

“Instead of lining the pockets of American fracking companies, Europe should focus its energy investments on lasting solutions such as improving building insulation, heat pumps and renewable energy sources. More investment and reliance on fossil fuels is music to the ears of despots and warmongers all over the world who recognise this is an energy system that benefits them. If Europe truly wants to get off Russian gas the only real option it has is phasing out gas altogether.”