The powerful Italian energy giant Eni is leading lobbying efforts in Europe, pushing for the EU to support climate-wrecking fossil gas - all whilst on the stand in the corporate corruption trial of the decade.

Key findings

Our new report finds that Eni’s CEO, who is also personally on trial and facing up to eight years in prison, was granted high level access to lobby the EU’s Energy Commissioner as recently as June 2020.

Eni holds more European Parliamentary Passes than any other energy firm and, together with the pro-gas lobby groups it holds prominent positions in, spent at least €100 million lobbying in Europe since 2014.

We can also reveal new details surrounding the “OPL 245” trial, in which both Eni and Shell are accused of involvement in a vast bribery scheme that saw hundreds of millions of dollars funnelled to Nigerian politicians.

Prosecutors have alleged that Eni executives have sought to obstruct justice and surveil journalists, prosecutors and possibly even judges, in an attempt to avoid accountability for the serious wrongdoing being alleged against them.

Eni and its executives have pleaded not guilty and denied all allegations being brought by Italian authorities in the trial, which is due to return a verdict in late March 2021.


This report firmly underlines the nature of the fossil fuel companies with disproportionate influence and access to the European Union, pushing for support to continue burning fossil fuels that are destroying our planet and killing its inhabitants.

The polluting of the process by fossil fuel companies must be stopped and so we are calling for, amongst other recommendations, European officials to institute a firewall to end the fossil fuel industry’s access to decision makers.

Download the report to read the full details on Eni’s influence, the allegations of corruption against them, and what we think should be done to shut down the pipelines between politics and polluters.

The European Commission’s response and the response from Eni and the industry associations the company is a member of can be downloaded below.