Report | Dec. 1, 1998

A Rough Trade

This report was written to stimulate debate and action on a well known and much reported issue: the key role that diamonds have played in the Angolan conflict. There is a dangerous acceptance amongst the international community that the mechanics of the trade in diamonds, particularly from UNITA controlled areas, are beyond any real controls. Global Witness investigations show that governments flout the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) embargo on unofficial Angolan diamonds (those not sold under the control of the Angolan government diamond parastatal, Endiama).

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    Conflict Diamonds

    The illicit trade in diamonds has funded wars and human rights abuses for decades. Global Witness was the first organisation to bring this issue to the world’s attention. Despite positive steps, the links between diamonds and abuse will only be fully broken when all companies involved in the trade change their behaviour
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    Angola is the second largest producer of oil in Africa, yet a baby born there today is expected to live to just 55. This needs to change.
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