Briefing | Dec. 23, 2015

Suggested Amendments to Afghan Mining Law

Global Witness believes reforms are urgently needed to fix a number of serious weaknesses in the 2014 Afghan Mining law which threaten to undermine the fight against corruption, conflict and loss of revenue in Afghanistan’s mining sector.

Global Witness has collaborated with Integrity Watch Afghanistan to develop detailed language for suggested amendments to the mining law. These amendments were developed through an in-depth process of review in partnership with a wide group of Afghan civil society organisations who are members of Mining Watch Afghanistan (MWA), and in consultation with Afghan and international experts including Radon Law and Columbia University. They also build on previous work carried out by Global Witness and others for our report A Shaky Foundation?, which analysed the previous Mining Law in detail and raised many of the same issues.

Global Witness, along with a broad group of other Afghan and international civil society organisations, submitted these amendments to H.E. President Ghani, H.E. CEO Dr Abdullah, and H.E. the Minister for Mines Dr. Daud Saba in December 2015, and urged them to integrate them into the law as part of their commitment to good governance, and ensuring that the country’s natural resources benefit all Afghans. Further drafts of this input may be developed in future as we continue our discussions with the Afghan government, mining sector companies, civil society, and experts.  Copies of the letters in Dari and English, along with the text of the amendments themselves, can be found on this page.

Download to the suggested amendments to the mining law in English and Dari.

Download the letters to H.E. President Ghani, H.E. CEO Dr Abdullah, and H.E. the Minister for Mines Dr. Daud Saba here.

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