Our new podcast series, presented by Kirsty Lang, delves into stories which make up the climate crisis – told by the people fighting for our planet.

For decades, we’ve been investigating the powerful interests at the heart of the climate crisis. 

From the palm oil industry’s human rights abuses to climate disinformation spreading online. The fossil fuels and illicit mining propping up violent regimes, to the big banks financing tropical deforestation. And always, the defenders and activists standing up for their land, and our planet, against profiteering corporations and repressive governments. 

These stories make up the crisis we find ourselves in.

In our new podcast Planet v. Profit, we explore those stories – told unfiltered by the people who shaped them. Every month, our team of investigators, reporters, and campaigners will brings you in-depth reports uncovering human rights abuses, climate breakdown and ecocide, and gripping stories about defenders fighting for our planet.  

For years, Global Witness and other groups campaigned against illegal logging, against irresponsible mining, and the unlawful abuse of natural resources. Today, it’s becoming increasingly clear that unless we abruptly end our addiction to fossil fuels and stop our ruthless exploitation of the natural world, we will face ever-cascading crises and humanitarian disasters.  

Planet v. Profit reveals the tangled relationships among the powerful, their never-ending thirst for profit, and how governments and corporations go to extreme lengths to mislead us all about it, the fight of indigenous peoples to protect their ancestral land, and the new, innovative ways that ordinary people are fighting back using the law, the media, and political activism. 

You can find every episode of Planet v. Profit on Apple, Spotify, Amazon and Google Podcasts, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

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