New York Climate Week is nearly upon us, and here at Global Witness we are preparing to join defenders and activists on the ground as voices of accountability and action. 

Our focus is clear: we need to be safeguarding forests, leaving fossil fuels in the ground, and providing protection for those bearing the brunt of the climate crisis.

Over the course of the week, whether you’re at home or in New York, you will be able to join us to help steer conversations towards real solutions, and away from corporate talking points and greenwashing, designed to delay meaningful climate action.

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Helena Gualinga New York Climate Week 2022

Helena Gualinga, Indigenous Activist from Ecuador, at the climate justice rally as part of New York Climate Week 2022. Photo: Caroline Challe/Global Witness

How Big Tech impacts the climate emergency 

Big Tech is failing on climate action. Their platforms are rampant with disinformation and hate speech, while they continue to sell ad space for big polluters to greenwash their images. So how do we measure their full environmental impact, and how should we respond to online misinformation and harassment? 

Our panel of climate scientists and activists will draw on their expertise and personal experience to answer these questions and offer solutions to these digital threats. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 / 10:00 New York (ET) | 15:00 London (BST)*.

Register here to attend online

Defend the defenders 

Environmental defenders do critical and often overlooked work to fight the climate crisis, often in the face of harassment, criminalization, and lethal violence. It’s time for their contributions to be properly recognized. 

On behalf of the office of the UN Special Rapporteur on Environmental Rights Defenders and the Ford Foundation, in collaboration with ALLIED and Global Witness, join us for a discussion on the dire need for a global agenda to defend the defenders and to ensure that their role in averting the climate emergency is recognised. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2023 / 18:00-20:00 ET. 

Register here to attend in person.

Over the course of the week, we will be sharing ways to celebrate the vital work that environmental defenders do to protect our shared planet. Stay tuned!

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