Blog | Sept. 30, 2017

Listen up: ten of our favourite podcasts

In celebration of international Podcast Day we’ve put together a list of our favourite podcasts from around the world that will inform and inspire you, and maybe make your commute speed by a little faster. 

Crowdsourced from Global Witness campaigners and investigators and taking you from Catford to Central America, our picks provide fascinating insights into some of the issues we work on and the techniques used to tackle them.  Plug in your headphones…

1. The Tip Off - Codename Prometheus

Ever wondered how an earth-shattering story gets broken? Wonder no more as The Tip Off takes you from anonymous sources to undercover investigations and navigating legal minefields before final publication. This episode features the reporter from Süddeutsche Zeitung who was integral to breaking the Panama Papers data leak that shook the world in 2016. 

2. Reveal – the Perfect Storm

Produced by the non-partisan and not-for-profit Centre for Investigative Reporting, Reveal aims to tell every side of America’s most important stories. In this episode, host Al Letson heads to Texas to explore the effects of Hurricane Harvey on the area’s oil and chemical plants that make up the nation’s largest petrochemical complex.

3. The Daniel Morgan Murder Podcast – Luckiest Mugging in the World

Narrated by the novelist and playwright Peter Jukes, this real-crime series traces the connections between the unsolved murder of Daniel Morgan – a private investigator – in South London and the web of relations between the government, media and Metropolitan Police Force. 

4. The Guardian Long Read Podcast - Naomi Klein: how power profits from disaster

Subscribe to this podcast for the best of the Guardian’s long-form reporting on culture, politics and new thinking. In this edition, Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein looks at how environmental and social crises are exploited by big business to boost profits.

5. Data Skeptic – Type I / type ii errors

Data is becoming ever more important for organisations like ours - from accurately mapping deforestation to analysing financial data or identifying corrupt practices. If you’re still stuck in the dark ages when it comes to modelling, machine learning and coding, then Data Skeptic will take you through the key areas along with some of the world’s top experts. Start with this episode on some of the most basic concepts in statistics – false positives and false negatives.

6. Private Eye Page 94 Podcast - Panamania

Recorded in the aftermath of the Panama Papers, this episode of Private Eye’s typically witty and acerbic podcast examines the role of offshore tax havens in the world economy. 

7. The China in Africa Podcast - How China’s insatiable demand for timber threatens Congo’s rain forests

As China invests billions of dollars in the African continent, this podcast will give you a deeper understanding of an increasingly important relationship. This episode focuses on the timber trade.

8. New York Public Library Podcast – Robert A. Caro and Frank Rich on Power and Corruption

The New York Public Library Podcast comprises discussions with renowned experts, academics, musicians, artists, scientists and thinkers, all recorded in front of a live audience. We’ve picked this episode featuring author Robert A. Caro on the influence of money in New York and politics in general.

9. Planet Money – How To Hide A Million Dollars In Plain Sight

If the topic is important or interesting there’s a good chance that NPR’s Planet Money will have already covered it with a healthy dose of humour. Looking at shell companies, anonymously owned property and money laundering, this episode takes to the streets of New York City to try and find out who really owns Apartment 5B.

10. Honduras: the deadliest place to defend the planet

Finally, we couldn’t resist including one of our own, recorded during our investigation into the political and economic forces that make Honduras so deadly for those defending their land and environment. Hear from people who have lost loved ones, friends and colleagues - or have themselves been targeted for taking a stand.  



  • Nick Hoare


  • Nick Hoare