Blog | Dec. 8, 2017

Anti-Corruption Day 2017: time for some straight talking

What would you call a crime which devastates societies, fuels terrorism and denies millions of people access to healthcare and education? A greased hand? The black mist? A ‘nokiabox’?

To mark UN Anti-Corruption Day 2017, we’ve scoured the world for some of the quirkiest language used to talk about corruption.

It turns out that when it comes to this issue, people will say anything to avoid straight-talking.  

But this isn’t good enough. We can no longer argue that corruption is limited to the developing world and notorious tax havens. It’s a global issue that requires a global response. Urgently.

For International Anti-Corruption Day 2017, join us to call out corruption wherever we see it. Share the video now on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

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