Briefing Document / July 7, 2011

Tangible Transparency: Ensuring a Transparent and Verifiable Oil Deal in Sudan

The purpose of this paper is to provide suggestions for ways in which a new, post-referendum oil deal between north and south Sudan could be made as transparent as possible in order to ensure that the deal is stable and that any tension and mistrust between the two sides is minimised. This document outlines the suggested transparency provisions, and the attached annex contains specific suggestions for the wording of these transparency provisions. Global Witness presents this document to the Parties in the hope that the experience we have gained from researching oil and transparency issues in Sudan and other countries, and from the pivotal role we have played in shaping the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), can be of some use in fostering a new oil deal in Sudan that promotes peace and the economic viability of north and south.