Briefing Document / May 31, 2009

The takeover of Hungary's Emfesz & energy security in Europe

The takeover of Hungary’s largest independent gas supplier, Emfesz, by a shell company with unknown owners has once again highlighted the opacity of the natural gas trade from the former Soviet Union, a key source of gas supply for Europe. The European Union needs to respond by ensuring full transparency of all companies that supply Europe with gas and oil.

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UPDATE: 15/7/09. In response to correspondence from Global Witness regarding the ownership of RosGas AG, the Hungarian Energy Office (HEO) replied on 19 June 2009 that, 'we still do not possess all information we requested from RosGas [regarding its ownership structure].'

In response to a further email, the HEO added on 2 July 2009, 'HEO has already levied RosGaS AG with a fine, the resolution was published on the website of HEO ... HEO did not modify the deadline but instructed RosGaS AG to send the requested information within 15 days upon receipt of the resolution on the fine.' The HEO also stated that a second fine may be levied if the information regarding RosGas AG's ownership structure is not submitted by the end of the 15 day period.

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