Press Release / Jan. 8, 2009

An open letter to Gazprom Chief Executive Alexey Miller

Russia, Ukraine and Gas: Six Questions for Gazprom

Dear Mr Miller,

Global Witness is a non-profit organisation that works for greater openness in the world's natural resource industries. You may know our April 2006 report: It's a Gas: Funny Business in the Turkmen-Ukraine Gas Trade.

We realise that this is a busy time for Gazprom. But we are writing this open letter because the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine is causing deep concern throughout the European Union. After all, we are in the depths of winter and rather nervous about our gas supplies.

We are writing to you in particular because Gazprom is by far the most important player in the gas trade that connects the former Soviet Union with the European Union. We have used this open letter format so as to focus the minds of other concerned parties, including Ukraine, the European Union and international institutions, on the issues that we raise below.

Global Witness does not take a view on what price Ukraine should pay Gazprom for gas, or on whether or not the parties to the gas trade have met their contractual obligations. We are more concerned with the third party to the dispute, the intermediary company RosUkrEnergo.

[Download the full letter below]

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