Briefing Document / June 13, 2012

Joint civil society letter - Four Core Objectives for Good Governance in Afghanistan’s extractives sector

On July 8th 2012, the international community and Afghan government will meet in Tokyo to discuss Afghanistan's future development.

Ahead of the conference, Global Witness has joined national and international NGOs in a letter to highlight the need for good governance in Afghanistan's emerging extractives sector. We believe the Conference represents a crucial opportunity to strengthen the foundations for a viable industry that benefits all citizens, promotes human development, and contributes to Afghanistan's financial sovereignty.

The letter asks attendees to:

  • Commit to putting transparency, accountability and international best practice standards at the core of extractive sector development.
  • Establish a shared mutual accountability framework for the extractives sector to translate political commitments into action.

To see the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's official response to the recommendations, please click here.

To read the full letter, click here.