Video / July 8, 2013

Global Witness's Charmian Gooch at TED Global 2013

At this year’s annual Ted Global Conference in Edinburgh, Global Witness’s co-founding director Charmian Gooch gave a talk about the drivers of corruption, and what we can do about them. 

Talking about some of the colourful characters that come to mind when thinking about corruption, including ex-soviet megalomaniacs, exuberant dictators, and convicted money launderers, Charmian highlights that the actions of these people would not have been possible without the help of a network of global facilitators, including banks, big oil and gas and our political leaders, and talks about what is being done to break these destructive links.

Watch the talk to find out how anonymous shell companies, the international financial system and secrecy in the oil, gas and mining sectors is facilitating the loss of billions from developing nations, and is driving corruption and environmental destruction. See what is happening to stop this, and what more can be done.

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Additional Resources:

The full speech is available above as well as on the TED website.

See also Ted’s blog on the speech here.

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Photos: James Duncan Davidson