Briefing Document / May 27, 2010

Global Witness responds to Liberian president on corruption in logging sector

On 21st May 2010, Global Witness published a press release urging Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to act swiftly to stem a growing tide of corruption and mismanagement in the country's forestry and mineral sectors. The statement also encouraged President Johnson Sirleaf to capitalise on a lucrative opportunity to preserve Liberia's forests as a global carbon store to mitigate against climate change. Under a new scheme, richer countries such as Norway are prepared to support forest-rich countries like Liberia to preserve their forests.

The Liberian Ministry of Agriculture has since responded to our statement - read this letter here, and the accompanying press release here

Global Witness has published a further response defending and expanding upon our reasons for these assertions, and renewing our call for reform of Liberia's forestry sector. Read the latest letter here.