Blog / May 22, 2014

Global Witness at Hay Festival 2014

Join us at Hay Festival this week for a series of conversations about changing the system - with people who have done just that. We’ll be talking to Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who blew the lid on the extent of NSA surveillance, Steve Donziger, who took US oil giant Chevron to court and had them fined billions for destruction in the Amazon, and comedian and environmental activist Marcus Brigstoke who travelled to the Arctic to see first-hand the effects of climate change.

Check out the links below and be sure to book your tickets now and join us for the fantastic line-up!

Sunday 25th May, 4pm -
Glenn Greenwald talks to Anita Anand

Changing the system - No place to hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Surveillance State

In June 2013 the reporter and political commentator published a series of reports in The Guardian that rocked the world. The reports revealed shocking truths about the extent to which the National Security Agency had been gathering information about US citizens and intercepting communication worldwide, and were based on documents leaked by former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden to Greenwald. Greenwald joins us on video link.

Tuesday 27th May, 5.30pm -
Marcus Brigstocke talks to Andrew Simms

Changing the system - Crossing planetary boundaries

Marcus Brigstocke, the comedian and broadcaster who has witnessed the impact of climate change in the Arctic, is joined by Andrew Simms, author and campaigner with Global Witness, to discuss how close we are to crossing planetary environmental thresholds, how we got into this mess and what we need to do to get out of it.

Thursday 29th May, 5.30pm -
Steven Donziger and Patrick Alley talk to Anthea Lawson

Changing the system - Curbing corporate power

Steve Donziger, the lawyer who took giant US oil company Chevron to court and had them found guilty and fined billions of dollars, is joined by Patrick Alley, founder director of Global Witness to discuss how tackling corporate power is vital step to save the environment and for an economy that benefits everyone. Chaired by Anthea Lawson

Also, come and say hello at our reception event at the Spanish Tourism Board tapas bar at 6.30pm on Thursday 29th.