Press Release / March 8, 1997

Global Witness accepts General Chavalit's invitation to discuss logging

Global Witness issued a press release to the Thai media on 3rd March 1997, accusing Thailand of complicity in illegal logging in Cambodia.

On 4th March 1997 The Nation newspaper reported that Prime Minister Chavalit "...demanded information and evidence from [Global Witness]..." to back up their allegations of Thailand's involvement in illegal logging in Cambodia.

General Chavalit went on to say "Global Witness? What is it? Could this organisation come and tell me directly the names of the companies involved in the illegal activities?"

Global Witness is pleased to accept General Chavalit's invitation, and wrote to him to formally accept, on 6th March 1997.

Global Witness' Patrick Alley said "We are very pleased that General Chavalit is so concerned about this issue. We would consider it a great honour to be able to meet with him and to present our evidence in person. If he acted on our findings such a meeting would really be of great benefit to Cambodia and to Thai/Cambodia relations, and may well improve Thailand's international reputation over this issue.