Blog / May 29, 2014

Event: The Elephant In the Woods

June 12th, 6:30 - 9:30pm, Impact Hub, Kings Cross London

The Elephant In the Woods – an evening of music, talk, drink & more about how our future is linked to the fate of the forests

Saving forests was once in fashion. But decades on from the Rainforest Balls and Sting concerts the world has gone mostly silent.  The problem didn’t go away though, it got worse and today fifty football pitches worth of forest are cut down each minute. This is the elephant in the woods.
Global Witness invite you to find out why, what can be done and to celebrate the true wealth that tropical forests left standing have to give.

  • Come and hear Michael Pawlyn, one of the world’s leading experts on biomimicry, speak on what we can learn from life in the forests.
  • Listen to the extraordinary music of the hang and clarinet collaboration, The Birch Trio.
  • Find out why Arnold Schwarzenneger never left his role of Terminator behind, but how this time his money is sabotaging forests.

This is the first in a series of events by Global Witness bringing dispatches from the front line of campaigns from around the world where issues of environmental destruction, poverty, conflict and corruption cross. With a mixture of music, talk, exchange and film, these evenings will focus on what can be done, aiming to reinvigorate great debates about how to survive and thrive on a finite planet.

So please join us for a drink and to share an evening with a difference.

To reserve your space please RSVP here or by emailing [email protected].

You are welcome to bring a guest and to forward this invitation to others you think may be interested