Briefing Document / May 21, 2013

EITI: be bold, stay rigorous and help citizens use the data!

Thursday's 6th Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Global Conference in Sydney will see oil, gas and mining executives, campaigners, investors and government officials ratify improvements in transparency standards for the industry.

Global Witness has issued a statement welcoming the improvements whilst warning that the significant gaps remaining in the initiative could render it obsolete if it fails to keep at the forefront of reform.

“The EITI’s influence rests on its being seen as a totemic reformers club which governments and companies want to be part of. This attraction will fade if the initiative is seen to be merely playing catch-up with more dynamic reforms taking place elsewhere,” said Corinna Gilfillan, Head of Global Witness' US office.

See full statement here or below.

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