Correspondence between the government of South Sudan and Global Witness regarding our call for a moratorium

In June 2014, Global Witness' published a briefing paper calling on the government of South Sudan to issue a moratorium on all new contracts, and to call a halt to all contract negotiations until peace and the rule of law are restored. Global Witness' briefing "South Sudan: the call for a moratorium on new contracts" can be read here.

On July 8 2014, we recieved a response to our call from Honourable Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau, Minister of Petroleum and Mining. The full response can be read here.

Global Witness would like to thank the Honourable Minister for his clear and considered response to our concerns and reccommendations.

Global Witness responded to the Minister on the 3 August 2014 reiterating our call, and recommending critical safeguards for the livelihoods and security of citizens in all concession areas should contracts be signed under section 100 of the Petroleum Act 2012. The full response can be read here.

For further information please contact Emma Vickers, South Sudan campaigner on [email protected], or on +44 (0)7715 076 548