Briefing Document / Feb. 5, 2009

Cambodian oil, gas and mining documents

In the course of its investigation into Cambodia's oil, gas and mining sectors, Global Witness obtained a number of key documents. Global Witness believes that it is important that these documents, which include key regulations for the extractive industries are easily available in the public domain.  


Legislation governing Cambodia's oil sector

Cambodian constitution

Primary legislation

Petroleum Regulations 1991

Royal Decree on the Formation of CNPA

Secondary legislation

First amendment to the Regulations

Second amendment to the Regulations

Draft Model Petroleum Agreement


Global Witness understands that fees charged by the Cambodian Government in the PSCs vary depending on the contracting company. Global Witness has not been able to confirm whether any of the PSC holders entered into the form of contract laid out here in the draft model petroleum agreement, but understands that the draft is likely to have been used as a model for the final contracts. 

Legislation governing Cambodia's mining sector

Primary legislation

Mineral Resources Management and Exploration-E 2001

1996 Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Management

Law on Protected Areas

Secondary legislation

MIME Circular 001

MIME Instruction Circular 002

MIME Prakas 340

Sub-decree 008

Sub-decree 113

1994 Prakas on Protected Areas

(The following are in Khmer)

MEF & MIME Prakas 006

MEF MIME Prakas Cost for Registration

MEF & MIME Prakas on Annual Land Lease

MEF & MIME Prakas on Mineral Royalty

MIME Prakas 011

MIME Prakas 340

MIME Prakas 1133 

MIME Prakas 942

MIME Prakas 1192

RGC Decision 10

RGC Decision 20 

RGC Decision 43

RGC Draft Sub-decree on Defining Mining zone 

RGC Order 01

RGC Sub-decree 08

RGC Sub-decree 113

RGC Sub-decree on Conditions to Grant, extent & right transfer of Industry Mining License

RGC Sub-decree on Defining Authority and Role of mining officer

RGC Sub-decree on Suspension & revocation of mineral license