Audio / Nov. 8, 2011

Audio file - Strengthening Natural Resource Governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the most mineral rich countries on earth, with natural resources including diamonds, copper, gold, tin, oil and natural gas. Yet despite its geological riches DRC remains one of the poorest countries in Africa, ranking 168 out of 169 on the Human Development Index.

So, how can the DRC’s government and people realize greater benefit from their natural resources?

Global Witness and Christian Aid discussed the steps which civil society, the DRC government, donor agencies, and regulators can take to ensure natural resources are managed in a transparent, effective, and accountable way.

Global Witness focused on discussing the need for greater disclosure over how companies get access to resources and on what terms, and what stronger action is needed to halt the trade in minerals fuelling conflict and human rights abuses in eastern DRC. 

Christian Aid discussed ongoing research into the issue of transfer mispricing, and how this appears to be depriving DRC of huge sums in tax revenues.

The moderator’s introduction and presentations by the speakers are followed by audience discussion.


World Bank event, September 11 - Democratic Republic of Congo by GlobalWitness


Michael D. Jarvis : Team Leader - Governance for Extractive Industries, World Bank


Daniel Balint-Kurti : Campaign Leader, DRC, Global Witness
Corinna Gilfillan : Head of US Office, Global Witness
David McNair : Principal Economic Justice Adviser, Christian Aid