Briefing Document / Nov. 16, 2009

All That Gas?: The EU and Turkmenistan

  Turkmen cartoon

The European Commission is turning a blind eye to corruption, lack of transparency and poor human rights in the repressive police state of Turkmenistan in a bid to secure future gas supplies, according to a new illustrated briefing paper from the campaign group Global Witness, launched on the eve of the 2009 oil and gas conference in Ashgabat, the Turkmen capital.

The report, ‘All that Gas?’ represents an innovative collaboration between Global Witness and cutting-edge satirical cartoonist, David Rees, who has produced original artwork for the publication. His seven new cartoons feature EU bureaucrats discussing crude strategies to ‘get the gas’. Rees is best-known for his US cartoon series ‘Get Your War On’, published on the internet and in Rolling Stone magazine.

You can download the report as a hi- or lo-res PDF in English. The report is also available in Russian and Turkmen (both Word & PDF ). 

Read our 2006 report on Turkmenistan 'It's a Gas' here.

Please contact David Rees on [email protected] concerning the use of the comic strips