Briefing Document / July 16, 2009

Aceh's peat forest, home of the Orangutan burns for palm oil

The last unique pristine tropical peatswamp forests in Tripa, Aceh province, Indonesia are under threat of being converted into one large palm oil plantation. These forests are home to one of the few remaining significant populations of the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan.
Global Witness, and many other NGOs, have written to the UK-based company involved, Jardine Matheson, asking that clearing in this forest stop immediately.  

Read the letter to Sir Henry Keswick, Chairman of Jardine Matheson

It is not too late to get involved, as large parts of the forests are still intact and can be saved from further clearing! You can support this campaign by writing or emailing Sir Henry Keswick of Jardines.  Details are available at Wetlands International (our campaign partner).

Wetlands International website