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Request for proposals: About Global Witness film

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Help us tell the Global Witness vision and story through film

Global Witness invites film agencies and/or freelancers to tender for our new ‘about Global Witness’ film. Global Witness has in the past year launched a new strategy, which focuses on dismantling the systems making the climate crisis worse – such as the financing behind deforestation, corporate influence on government decisions affecting the climate, or government inaction on climate policy. We would like to produce a new film which will form a central part of our organisational communications to build support for our new strategy and focus. The film should explain to someone who doesn’t know anything about GW what we are about and the issues we work on in a clear and compelling way. 

Budget: £15,000 

Key audiences 

- Key audience: Donors (existing and potential). This is a mix of trusts, foundations and high net-worth individuals in the US, UK and EU.

- Secondary: supporters of Global Witness and/or the climate movement in general, in the UK, US and EU. This is our online audience and email subscribers, who tend to be interested in global issues and environmental activism.

How will the film be used 

- YouTube/Global Witness website to be published on our ‘About us’ page 

- Screened at events, particularly donor events 

- On our LinkedIn profile for people potentially interested in working with us 

Key messages 

- The film needs to set out GW’s vision of long-lasting and systemic change – a shift in the global economic landscape and power structures to stop those profiting from the destruction of the environment and attempting to suppress and denigrate voices fighting for their rights. Please see this article which sets out our climate ambitions.

- The film needs to touch on GW’s history as a campaigning and investigative organisation, touching on some of the impact we have had. 

- Themes to be brought out are: protecting forests and biodiversity, standing with land and environmental defenders, addressing corporate harm to people and planet, keeping fossil fuels in the ground, stopping the spread of disinformation online.

- The film needs to references concrete examples of our impact.

- Diversity and inclusion principles must also be applied to the film (ensuring equal representation of diverse communities and countries, showing communities as empowered and active participants not as victims/beneficiaries).


The film should be inspiring and hopeful for the future, and leave viewers with a feeling that change must and can happen. A sense of excitement and urgency would be welcome, without being too over the top or overly dramatic. 

Format and style 

We invite applicants to propose a concept for this film. 

Scope of work 

- Developing concept for film 

- Drafting script 

- Gathering content/visuals 

- Editing film to a high standard 

Archive material available 

Global Witness has some archive material, particularly relating to our land and environmental defenders campaign and our forests campaign. Please see the below links: 

- Defenders footage from Brazil, Colombia and Philippines.

- Philippines – case of an indigenous community affected by pollution and displacement due to a massive coal operation.

- Guatemala – case of an indigenous community affected by a killings/criminalisation.

- Myanmar jade mining.

- Intact forests and biodiversity shots in the Amazon, Brazil.

- Other archive footage relating to the history of GW.

We also have access to news footage from AP Archive.

Creative concept and style 

We are looking for proposals from agencies outlining their vision for the creative concept of this film. Gathering new content is challenging at present given COVID, and telling the Global Witness story can be challenging because a lot of our work is done behind the scenes (such as undercover investigations, or research, or advocacy work). Some visuals to consider are: 

- Animation 

- Archive footage 

- Interviews/talking heads with GW staff 

- Filming new content (where possible, e.g. by using in-country filmmakers) 

For reference, here are some examples of our recent films: 

- Animation

- Ramon’s story (mini-documentary)

- Defending the Philippines (mini-documentary)

Our tone of voice is: authoritative, journalistic, inclusive.


Please email proposals including creative concept, project plan, and budget to Jasmin Qureshi, Multimedia Manager on [email protected] by Thursday 6 May.