Job vacancy

Request for proposal: Partner Security Review

Salary range:
June 21, 2021


Our new strategic priorities aim to address the underlying causes of the climate crisis. We will bring our investigative and advocacy skills to hold those companies and governments to account for their destruction of the environment, disregard for the planet, and failure to respect human rights. 

These new priorities will influence where we work, how we work, and with whom we work, including collaborations with local partners and networks. We will continue to rely on local information networks: sources in the traditional sense and journalists, defenders, activists and human rights networks, local NGOs or other civil society organisations, or trusted individuals with whom we collaborate in-country level.

Based on our new strategic priorities, we would like to take this opportunity for a refreshed look at how we work with information networks.  


We would like to commission an independent person or organisation to conduct a review of the following issues:

  1. The effectiveness of our existing source protection measures
  2. The extent to which the changing nature of our work with local partners and information networks may give rise to other risks that we need to consider
  3. Recommendations for change to policies, processes, training


Please refer to the terms of reference below for more detail and how to submit a proposal