Job vacancy

Request for Proposal: The Landless Tour

Salary range:

Help us screen Global Witness’s first documentary The Landless, in London, Brussels and Brazil.

Global Witness invites agencies and/or freelancers to tender for The Landless film distribution plan and implementation of screenings for our target audiences.

The film tells the story of brave and resilient communities in the Brazilian Amazon who are defending their lands, reclaiming their rights and protecting our planet. 

We want to help create public interest and real buzz in key locations around the film and the issues it documents, as well as support Global Witness’s advocacy goals in the UK and EU: stopping the financing of deforestation and related human rights abuses, as well as stronger supply chain laws that hold companies accountable for their harms against people and planet.

Global Witness focuses on dismantling the systems making the climate crisis worse – such as the financing behind deforestation, corporate influence on government decisions affecting the climate, or government inaction on climate policy. 

Budget: £70,000 

Key audiences 

Advocacy audiences are: UK, EU (Brussels) and Brazil.

Supporters of Global Witness and/or the climate movement in general, in the UK and EU, as well as policy-makers, filmmakers, and influential voices in the climate and environmental sector. 


  1. Generate public interest and real buzz in key target locations around the Landless film and the issues it documents
  2. Support the landless community advocacy efforts in Brazil – they are calling for justice and for their right to land to be protected
  3. Support Global Witness’s advocacy goals around strong laws in the UK and the EU that stop the financing of deforestation and related human rights abuses. We’re also advocating for strong EU legislation that holds companies to account for harms against people and the planet.
  4. Build links and networks with film industry (producers, directors, distributors) for future film work
  5. Raise GW’s profile as a quality multimedia producer, particularly amongst broadcast journalists and the film industry

Format and style 

We invite applicants to propose a distribution plan for our film to key target audiences, which we envisage could include small screening events in London, Brussels and Brazil as well has advising on digital distribution and promotion.

Scope of work 

Developing a distribution plan for the film in London, Brussels and Brazil that could include: small screenings and panel discussions (in-person and/or hybrid screenings, digital distribution, marketing and outreach support. 

The distribution plan must be implemented in Autumn 2022.


Please email proposals including distribution plan and budget to Jasmin Qureshi, Multimedia Manager on [email protected] by 4th September.