Around the world, many corporations are causing harm to the people and the planet through their destructive business practices.

It’s the fossil fuel industry who shamelessly look to exploit the current  climate and global fuel crises for their own gain.

It’s the meat-packers, palm oil companies and big agribusiness cutting down huge swathes of tropical rainforests and leaving a trail of devastation, with little concern for human rights or the environment – all in the quest for profit.

Irresponsible business practices are devastating our environment and threatening people’s lives. Nonetheless these same corporates continue to hold undue power and influence at the highest levels whilst those most affected by the climate crisis don’t have a seat at the table.

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  • Expose  the fossil fuel industry’s undue influence on decision-makers  to keep us hooked on oil and gas
  • Stop financial institutions bankrolling deforestation of climate-critical forests
  • Hold governments, financiers, and corporations accountable for lethal violence against land and environmental defenders
  • Ensure that the race for natural resources needed for a green energy transition doesn’t harm people and our planet

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