In the year the Amazon burned and people took to the streets to call for action, money continued to pour into industries contributing to irreversible climate breakdown 

We’re drawing on 25 years’ experience of following money through the international financial system and investigating corruption in the oil, gas, mining and logging industries to confront this.

With your support we can do even more. Your donation could help us:

  • Carry out research and investigations into the industries behind the destruction of climate critical forests
  • Conduct in-depth analysis on money propping up Big Oil and Gas
  • Convince policymakers to protect land and environmental defenders standing up to destructive industries like coal mining and fracking 
  • Pay for the equipment and tools such as drones, satellite imagery, GPS tracking and hidden cameras that our investigators use to expose those behind destructive deforestation
  • Ensure financial institutions and companies check their investments and supply chains to ensure they are not contributing to deforestation