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Top stories

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    Our verdict on COP27: A polluters’ parade

    Despite some progress on loss and damage, world leaders at the UN climate summit fail (once again) to agree to phase out fossil fuels. And that's probably all you need to know about the UN climate negotiations.
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    COP Climate Summit

    The COP27 climate summit in Egypt is a chance for global leaders to act on behalf of those most affected by the climate crisis, not the polluters responsible for it. Find out how we can take action #PeopleNotPolluters
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About us

Our world is in crisis: climate breakdown, corporations too powerful to hold to account and democracies teetering on the brink.

 It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our goal is a more sustainable, just and equal planet. We want climate-critical forests and biodiversity to thrive and fossil fuels to stay in the ground. We want corporations to respect the planet and human rights, governments to protect and listen to their citizens, and the online world to be free from misinformation and hate. 

Long Read | August 17, 2022

Annual report 2021: our case for change

2021 saw a redoubling of our efforts to work better in partnership with organisations, campaigning groups and activists from across the climate movement, but particularly across the Global South and most affected regions
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