The Scramble for Africa's Oil, Gas and Minerals

Rigged? The Scramble for Africa's Oil, Gas and Minerals.

Rigged: The scramble for Africa’s oil, gas and minerals details the secrecy surrounding the allocation of oil contracts. Citizens don’t know who buys them, by what means nor how much money is involved. The report shows how this secrecy risks facilitating corruption and politicians looting oil revenues that should otherwise be used to benefit the world’s poorest people.

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About Global Witness

For 17 years, Global Witness has run pioneering campaigns against natural resource-related conflict and corruption and associated environmental and human rights abuses. From Cambodia to Congo, Sierra Leone to Angola, we have exposed the brutality and injustice that results from the fight to access and control natural resource wealth, and have sought to bring the perpetrators of this corruption and conflict to book.

Our work has revealed how, rather than benefiting a country’s citizens, abundant timber, diamonds, minerals, oil and other natural resources can incentivise corruption, destabilise governments, and lead to war. Through our investigations, advocacy and campaigning, we seek solutions to the ‘resource curse’ so that citizens of resource-rich countries can get a fair share of their country’s wealth.

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