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A report which presents evidence that mismanagement and corruption within the Royal Government of Cambodia was responsible for the increasing rates of forest destruction in 1995.   Downloads... read more
Downloads thai_khmer_rouge_links_and_the...dian_timber.htm read more
The Danish timber giant Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman (DLH), a company accused of buying conflict timber during Liberia’s civil war, has been stripped of its certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) because... read more
This press release, copies of the Vietnam Rubber Group decision and details on how to use the complaints mechanism are all available in English, Vietnamese, Lao and Khmer at the bottom of the page.  Vietnam’s state... read more
The killing on 27th July 2014 of a teenage farmer by a soldier from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces is the latest tragedy emerging out of Cambodia’s land grabbing crisis. 19 year old Try Chamroeun was reportedly shot... read more
The killing on 27th July 2014 of a teenage farmer by a soldier from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces is the latest tragedy emerging out of Cambodia’s land grabbing crisis. 19 year old Try Chamroeun was reportedly shot... read more
Global Witness and Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU) today welcome the commitment by the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to make any expansion by the British palm oil company Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) onto... read more
Groups welcome government move but also call for prosecution of all officials and companies involved Criminal indictments issued by the Liberian Government against eight former officials for their role in an illegal... read more
Global Witness welcomes and supports a complaint submitted to the International Financial Corporation (IFC) today by Cambodian communities whose lives have been devastated by Vietnamese rubber baron Hoang Anh Gia Lai (... read more
UK–based company Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) is accused of involvement in the arbitrary arrest and assault of Liberian community members who claim that they were resisting EPO's efforts to take their land. Investigations... read more
Credit Suisse became the largest institutional shareholder in Vietnamese rubber giant Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) just two weeks after Global Witness exposed a range of environmental and human rights abuses in the company’... read more
Deutsche Bank no longer holds any significant stock in Vietnamese rubber giant Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) Global Witness has learned. The decision comes after the campaign group’s research revealed a wide range of... read more
Danish timber giant Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman (DLH) purchased illegal timber worth $304,870 from Liberia in 2012, Global Witness revealed today. One of the world's leading international timber and wood product... read more
The UK should be applauded for helping the international justice system do its job by agreeing to imprison former Liberian President Charles Taylor after his 50 year sentence for war crimes was upheld in the Hague last... read more
Version francaise International schemes to protect forests are unlikely to succeed until they ensure that local civil society and communities are at the heart of forest monitoring, according to a new report published by... read more
The upholding of former president of Liberia Charles Taylor's conviction for war crimes marks the final stage of justice for the people of Sierra Leone and the victims of its brutal war, said Global Witness today. In... read more
A provincial court in Cambodia has acquitted a military policeman and his wife who stood accused of the brutal murder of a journalist investigating the country’s illegal timber trade. Hang Serei Oudom’s mutilated body... read more
Liberia is home to globally significant forests and most of its people depend on them for their livelihoods. But the restarting of large-scale timber extraction in the country has proven disastrous for local people, the... read more
Global Witness understands that Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) CEO Doan Nguyen Duc held a press conference during which the company contested evidence in Global Witness’ report ‘Rubber Barons’. This report highlights how the... read more
Systematic abuse of small, poorly regulated logging permits in Africa by companies, forest officials and politicians is undermining efforts to fight deforestation and keep illegal timber out of the EU, says a new report... read more
Read press release on this issue Click here for Government announcement of investigation into this issue. A quarter of Liberia’s total landmass has been granted to logging companies in just two years,... read more
Please see the attached letter from seven international non-governmental organizations, experts on the topic of illegal logging in Madagascar, to the Minister of Environment and Forests of Madagascar, regarding the... read more
Consumer demand for expensive rosewood furniture and musical instruments in China and elsewhere is the primary driver of an ecologically devastating trade in illegal timber. This report examines the international... read more
Global Witness and the EIA have written to Madagascar's incoming Minister for Enviroment and Forests to alert them to the urgent need for measures to protect the country's rosewood forests from illegal logging. Download... read more
On 21st May 2010, Global Witness published a press release urging Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to act swiftly to stem a growing tide of corruption and mismanagement in the country's forestry and mineral... read more
Global Witness and the Environmental Investigations Agency (EIA) have reiterated their call for French shipping company Delmas to cancel shipments of rosewood from Madagascar to China. In response to our open letter... read more
An open letter from Global Witness and the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)  to Delmas shipping company expressing grave concerns at its involvement in the transport of timber from Madagascar which has been... read more
It has come to our attention that an arithmetic error on log volumes introduced a series of significant over-estimates in our recent report on illegal logging in Madagascar. This has been corrected and the report... read more
Important note: we have revised some of the figures in this report since it was first published. An explanation of the corrections can be read here. Read the revised press release here. Watch video - Village life in... read more
In July Global Witness alleged that Samling, a company with a history of illegal logging, was linked to three companies bidding for forestry management contracts in Liberia. In reponse to these allegations, Samling... read more
Three firms linked to Malaysian timber giant Samling, a company notorious for destroying tropical forests and abusing local communities, have been considered for major logging contracts in Liberia because of flaws in... read more
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Consumer demand for rosewood furniture and musical instruments is driving illegal logging in Madagascar's national parks, endangering wildlife and undermining local community livelihoods, according to a new report from... read more
Soaring demand in China and political unrest in Madagascar are fuelling illegal logging for hardwoods in the African nation, a report concludes.   BBC World - China fuels Madagascar timber crisis read more
Liberia is seeking to prosecute a British citizen for bribery in a proposed carbon deal that would have given him control of a fifth of the West African country's rainforests, the government said.   Reuters –... read more