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ENRC must address corruption concerns in DRC and publish findings. Click the link below to download the full memo. read more
Télécharger le communiqué de presse en français   Read Global Witness's memo to ENRC's shareholders Lire le mémo adressé par Global Witness aux actionnaires d’ENRC en français Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation... read more
For further information about this story, download the Global Witness briefing: Shell’s obscure payments kill its case for weak US and EU transparency laws The details of payments agreed by Shell to the Nigerian... read more
The killing of a young teenaged girl in clashes with Cambodian military police is the latest in a series of violent conflicts between local people and the authorities trying to evict them from their land, Global Witness... read more
Secrecy surrounding Glencore’s business deals in DRC risks exposing shareholders to corrupt practices. Click the link below to read the memo. read more
On this page you will find details of the Global Witness investigation into Glencore, including the briefing we sent to Glencore's shareholders and questions we put to Glencore and Dan Gertler in writing, along with the... read more
Further information about Global Witness's investigation into Glencore’s investments in Congo and the company’s links to Dan Gertler, as well as written responses by Glencore and Mr Gertler’s... read more
Read the press release: Future of Afghan mining sector threatened by weak contracts, here برای دانلود متن کامل گزارش، اینجا را کلیک کنید. په پښــــــــتو ژبه د راپور لنډیز د لوستلو لپاره دغه ځای کلیک کړی Global Witness’... read more
Afghan government must publish all oil and mining contracts and related documents ahead of key upcoming donor conference To read the full report, Getting to Gold, click here. برای دانلود متن کامل گزارش، اینجا را کلیک... read more
Recent pledges by the Liberian Government to enhance transparency and the involvement of civil society in its oil sector represent are a welcome step forward, says Global Witness today. International interest in Liberia... read more
Global Witness welcomes today's successful recovery by Libya of a £10 million London house, previously belonging to Colonel Gaddafi’s son, Saadi Gaddafi. The High Court in London ruled that the property, in the up-... read more
(Paris, February 27, 2012) – UNESCO’s governing executive board should abolish a prize named after and funded by President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea at its upcoming meeting, seven civil society... read more
By Tom Burgis in London US authorities have launched an investigation into Cobalt International Energy’s operations in Angola, where the Goldman Sachs-backed group is developing one of the world’s most promising oil... read more
Read the full BP Angola briefing Read BP's Letter to Gavin Hayman, Campaigns Director at Global Witness As oil industry lobbyists attempt to water down watershed transparency legislation in the United States and the... read more
Washington, DC – Anti-poverty groups and supporters of financial transparency today urged the oil industry to drop its attacks on a new law that will reduce corruption and reveal the money trail between industry and... read more
Last minute revisions to the guidance for the UK’s new Bribery Act risk fundamentally undermining its ability to stop corruption, warned anti-corruption campaigners today. These revisions follow delays in implementation... read more
Read BBC Business Editor Robert Peston's blog on this call to governments. The governments that have frozen funds controlled by Gaddafi, Mubarak, Ben Ali and their cronies should name the banks holding their assets,... read more
Global Witness welcomes and supports the UN's decision to freeze the assets of the Libyan regime including those of Libya's National Oil Company (NOC). Freezing NOC's assets will help prevent... read more
简体中文 Pour consulter la version en français, veuillez cliquer ici. The huge potential of a multibillion-dollar deal between the Democratic Republic of Congo and China risks being undermined because the agreement is... read more
Note: the image attached to this press release shows Roman Abramovich's Pelorus - understood to have been used as a blueprint for the planned Obiang yacht. Global Witness has learned that Teodorin Obiang, the notorious... read more
Update: Financial Times - EU closer to US-style financial reform The Publish What You Pay coalition strongly welcomes the announcement by the UK Government that it will push for the implementation of oil, gas and... read more
Global Witness and Transparency International (TI), together with 76 other organisations from around the world, have signed a letter to the Group of 20 leading economies calling for swift implementation of the G20’s... read more
(Washington, DC) - The United States should press for greater transparency and accountability in the global financial system at the G20 Summit meeting in Seoul, a coalition of civil society organizations said today. The... read more
It is regrettable that the High Court has denied permission for a Judicial Review of the UK government's decision not to list British companies trading in Congolese ‘conflict minerals' for targeted UN sanctions, said... read more
Today's decision by the UN Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO) to suspend awarding the "UNESCO-Obiang Nguema Mbasogo International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences," is a welcome - but long... read more
Global Witness today warmly welcomed moves by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to put forward for further investigation and potential prosecution a number of individuals involved in an allegedly corrupt... read more
Cambodia's new anti-corruption strategy is a welcome step forward but there are some serious flaws in its design that mean it will fail to tackle corruption at the top of the political elite, warned Global Witness... read more
See latest Global Witness release on this issue  Citizens of Equatorial Guinea and prominent African figures including Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Graça Machel, Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, and author... read more
UNESCO should use this month's executive board meeting to cancel its prize named after and funded by Teodoro Obiang, the president of Equatorial Guinea, said Global Witness and partner groups today. "President Obiang's... read more
At tomorrow's UN summit on Sudan, President Obama and other world leaders must address the disputes over oil that threaten to trigger a civil war in Africa's biggest country, campaign group Global Witness said today. [1... read more
To read press release in English, click here To read press release in Myanmar language, click here 25 oil and gas companies in Myanmar have set a global precedent by publishing who their real owners are, as detailed in... read more
1. What’s an anonymous company? 2. What’s a secrecy jurisdiction? 3. How much of a problem are anonymous companies? 4. How do anonymous companies hurt the world’s poorest people? 5. What’s a beneficial owner? 6. Aren’t... read more
Click here to read the report. Global Witness and Integrity Watch Afghanistan today called on the Afghan government – and candidates in the country’s Presidential election – to commit to stronger protections against... read more
简体中文 How secrecy in the oil & gas sector and the use of anonymous shell companies led to hundreds of millions of dollars being diverted away from Nigeria’s citizens and into the hands of a convicted money-launderer... read more
French and German versions below. Money launderers, corrupt politicians, terrorists, arms traffickers, drug smugglers, and tax evaders all rely on two things to move their dirty money: company structures that allow them... read more
There have been two cost/benefit analyses carried out looking at the costs of a beneficial ownership registry: one done by the UK in 2002 and one done by the European Commission in 2007. Both concluded that public... read more
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Anti-Corruption was established on the 7th November 2011 to “bring together interested Members of the House of Commons and House of Lords to raise awareness of the impact of... read more
Shareholders of London-listed Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation will meet on Friday 28 December to vote on a $550 million deal aimed at buying out its main copper-and-cobalt mining partner in the Democratic... read more
Global Witness welcomes the public response of the Ministry of Mines to our Copper Bottomed? report on Afghanistan’s biggest private investment and the country’s first major extractives agreement – the 2008 Aynak copper... read more
Click here to read the associated press release. 简体中文 برای دانلود متن کامل گزارش، اینجا را کلیک کنید په پښــــــــتو ژبه د راپور لنډیز د لوستلو لپاره دغه ځای کلیک کړی As Afghanistan looks to its future beyond transition... read more
Read the press release to accompany this report Read the ensuing debate in the UK Parliament This report reveals how Zimbabwe’s feared secret police, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), appears to have received... read more
17.06.2012 | Grave Secrecy
简体中文 (Chinese press release) Совершенно секретно (Russian language version) Өтө жашыруун (Kyrgyz language version) Read the Press Release Grave Secrecy was published in June 2012. It reveals evidence... read more
ENRC must address corruption concerns in DRC and publish findings. Click the link below to download the full memo. read more
By Porter McConnell - Manager of the Financial Transparency Coalition. When the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development was created in 2009, only a handful of experts were following the issue of... read more
One story that will be sure to develop in 2013 is the controversy around ENRC’s activities in Congo. For the background for this, a good place to start is the Global Witness statement of 23 December: “ENRC shareholders... read more
Rosie Sharpe, Senior campaigner, Global Witness Investigations carried out by the Guardian, ICIJ and the BBC's Panorama programme into the ease with which anonymous shell companies can be used to move dirty money... read more
Originally posted on the Taskforce on Financial Integrity’s website here. By Rosie Sharp Rosie Sharp is a Senior Campaigner for Global Witness, a member of the Task Force Coordinating Committee. You’re a criminal and... read more
Read this blog on Huffington Post. When governments around the world are taking measures in support of fiscal austerity, foreign assistance is always a prime target for the chopping block. Bravely, some governments,... read more
This piece first ran on the Guardian website. The rich world has been busy tightening its belt in recent weeks, with Britain, Germany and Spain all announcing the severest economic cuts in generations and... read more
This article is written by Dr Guo Peiyuan, SynTao General Manager and based on his presentation at 2013 EITI Global Conference.  The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) has been... read more
"A $150-million investment ties Tokyo Sexwale to a controversial Israeli businessman as he pulled off the "heist" of a prize mining asset in the DRC" - Mail & Guardian. Click here to read the article. read more
Article: Why fighting corruption in Asia involves battling apathy read more
Transparency International - Corruption Index 2010 – Authoritative annual review of global corruption from our friends at Transparency International. read more
War-torn states are still seen as being the most corrupt in the world, according to a new report from Transparency International. BBC World - War-hit countries most corrupt read more
简体中文  EU anti-corruption laws will hit Chinese companies overseas China Dialogue PetroChina, Sinopec and other Chinese companies will be required to reveal payments made to overseas governments as a condition of... read more
Today The Economist came out in support of the campaign “to put a stop to hidden company ownership and to make energy and mining companies disclose more about the payments they make to win concessions.” Global Witness... read more
One story that will be sure to develop in 2013 is the controversy around ENRC’s activities in Congo. For the background for this, a good place to start is the Global Witness statement of 23 December: “ENRC shareholders... read more
Rosie Sharpe, Senior campaigner, Global Witness Investigations carried out by the Guardian, ICIJ and the BBC's Panorama programme into the ease with which anonymous shell companies can be used to move dirty money... read more
Rob Walker of the BBC Assignment team investigates what’s happened to billions of dollars in oil revenues paid to the government of Equatorial Guinea since it's oil boom in the 1990s. Anthea Lawson from Global... read more
For centuries, wave after wave of colonists and foreign investors have swept through Africa, looking for profits from the continent’s abundant reserves of oil and prized minerals, write Beth Morrissey, Himanshu... read more
With Colonel Muammar Gaddafi all but gone, Libya's prospects can be summed up in one word: oil, says Vivienne Walt in TIME Magazine. Far different from the revolutions in Tunisia or Egypt, or the rebellions in Yemen... read more
Human rights organisations are calling on donor governments to reassess their aid programmes to Cambodia if the country passes a law that can be used to muzzle local and foreign NGOs, writes the Guardian's Marc Tran. read more
Beyond the immediate priority of securing control of the LIA assets frozen as a result of international sanctions, the challenge confronting Libya’s new leadership is how to reform an institution that, if it survives in... read more
The 40-nation Libya contact group is meeting with the Interim National Transitional Council to decide how best to support the rebels against Muammar Gaddafi's forces. Global Witness's Brendan O'Donnell argues on Comment... read more
The London-based anti-corruption campaign group, Global Witness, said it has evidence that Teodorin Obiang, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the tiny West African state of Equatorial Guinea, has plans to... read more
 High street banks in the United Kingdom could have helped fuel corruption in Nigeria by accepting millions of dollars in deposits from dubious politicians in the west African nation, an international corruption... read more