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PRESS RELEASE – EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:01 GMT+1 TUESDAY 28.08.12 A closed-door London arbitration tribunal between Heritage Oil and the Government of Uganda denies Ugandans the right to information about the management of... read more
Click here for Global Witness comment Section 1502 rule Global Witness initial response to SEC vote on Dodd Frank rules Follow the conversation on #DoddFrank Global Witness welcomes the long-overdue vote on... read more
"A $150-million investment ties Tokyo Sexwale to a controversial Israeli businessman as he pulled off the "heist" of a prize mining asset in the DRC" - Mail & Guardian. Click here to read the article. read more
简体中文 A recent decree from Afghanistan’s President Karzai represents a major step forward in turning the government’s commitments to a transparent mining and petroleum sector into a reality.  The ball is now in the... read more
En français Global Witness expressed alarm at reports that FTSE-100 listed miner ENRC may be close to a deal to buy out Congolese mining assets belonging to businessman Dan Gertler. Companies associated with Mr Gertler... read more
اعلامیه مطبوعاتی - دري 简体中文 Campaigners today welcomed a landmark agreement on good governance in Afghanistan’s mining sector, but warned that civil society engagement, deal disclosures and inclusion of environmental... read more
  د مدني ټولنې کارکوونکو نن وویل چې، د افغانستان دولت او مدني ټولنه، باید ژمنه وکړي چې، د تیلو، ګاز او د کانونوټولې معاملې، د هغو له ټولو جزئیاتو سره خپاره کړي او د سیمې له خلکو سره سلا مشورې وکړي. دا په داسې حال... read more
Tokyo conference a defining opportunity to embed accountability inAfghanistan’s oil and mining sectors For immediate release. اعلامیه مطبوعاتی - دري مطبوعاتي اعلامیه - پښتو The Government of Afghanistan and the... read more
  اعلامیه مطبوعاتی   کنفرانس توکیو یک فرصت تعیین کننده یی برای جاسازی حسابدهی در سکتور نفت و معادن افغانستان می باشد    فعالان جامعه مدنی امروز گفتند که دولت افغانستان وجامعه جهانی باید تعهد نمایند... read more
The Tokyo Cooperation Conference on Afghanistan (8th July) brings together the Afghan government, international donors and civil society for a one-day event which will set the framework for future assistance to the... read more
The Financial Times has reported that Dan Gertler, a businessman close to the Congolese president, is one of the main partners in two offshore companies that obtained oil blocks in northeastern Democratic Republic of... read more
简体中文 The international community must act to prevent off budget financing of Mugabe’s feared secret police, said Global Witness in a report published today. The report, Financing a Parallel Government?, reveals that... read more
Read the press release to accompany this report Read the ensuing debate in the UK Parliament This report reveals how Zimbabwe’s feared secret police, the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), appears to have received... read more
пресс-релиз на русском языке доступен тут Global Witness is today revealing evidence that numerous UK companies appear to have helped facilitate a major money laundering scandal centred on a bank in Central Asia. Grave... read more
17.06.2012 | Grave Secrecy
简体中文 (Chinese press release) Совершенно секретно (Russian language version) Өтө жашыруун (Kyrgyz language version) Read the Press Release Grave Secrecy was published in June 2012. It reveals evidence... read more
Afghanistan and its allies must take urgent steps to prevent the potential benefits of its vast mineral and petroleum deposits being lost to the corruption that has plagued the aid effort of the last decade, said Global... read more
The decision by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s executive board on October 4, 2011, to defer any action on a highly controversial life sciences prize named after and funded by... read more
Click here to read this report BBC Focus on Africa: Global Witness interviewed about this report. Far-reaching reforms of Liberia’s oil sector are urgently needed if its population is to benefit from future oil... read more
The United States’ dual pledge to implement the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and to support legislation that would stop U.S. states from allowing secretive front companies to be set up represents... read more
Transparency of Libya’s oil wealth must be a key priority of Thursday’s negotiations over the country’s future, said Global Witness today. The meeting, which is to be co-chaired by UK Prime Minister David Cameron and... read more
Unfrozen Libyan assets must be managed in an open and transparent way Read how Libya’s assets can be used to foster peace and drive development With Colonel Gaddafi’s 42 year dictatorship apparently drawing to a close,... read more
Global Witness applauds Senators Levin (MI-D) and Grassley (IA-R) for introducing legislation that would make it harder for corrupt politicians, tax dodgers, drug traffickers, terrorists and other criminals to form and... read more
Global Witness makes available key amendment to Congo-China deal Version française.   简体中文 The recent publication by the Democratic Republic of Congo of dozens of its oil and mining contracts online shows promising... read more
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen's promise to review the environmental impacts of sand-dredging on the country's coastline is a welcome development, said Global Witness today. It is now critical that the review brings... read more
Global Witness welcomes today’s introduction of legislation that would help combat offshore secrecy, tax evasion and corruption, and urges its swift passage into law. The Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act, introduced by Senator... read more
Global Witness welcomes today’s implementation of the UK Bribery Act which, if enforced correctly, will help curb corruption and end poverty around the world. But the group warns that the government will need to provide... read more
Update: Global Witness publishes the Libyan Investment Authority financial position as of September 2010 Read BBC Business Editor Robert Peston's analysis of this story Listen to Global Witness discuss this... read more
EG Justice, Global Witness and other civil society organizations today credited UNESCO’s Executive Board for soundly rejecting a petition by the government of Equatorial Guinea to reinstate a prize funded by and named... read more
The Democratic Republic of Congo must honour its transparency pledges by publishing details of major natural resource agreements, said Global Witness today.  The call comes on the eve of a World Bank meeting that... read more
(Bangkok)– Cambodia’s draft law regulating associations and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) should be abandoned because it will undermine rather than promote civil society in the country, said Human Rights Watch,... read more
25.07.2005 | Paying for Protection
Global Witness has long been concerned by the lack of transparency in payments by oil and mining companies to many governments around the world, because lack of transparency can often hide corruption and other... read more
08.02.2005 | Making it add up
Is the EITI Adding Up? Since its inception in 2003, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) has recorded some important achievements. There is now extensive international awareness that transparency of... read more
25.03.2004 | Time for Transparency
Downloads C’est l’heure de la transparence Hora de Transparência Tiempo para la transparencia Time for Transparency (4/04) Time for Transparency (text format) Vremya prozrachnosti Download the full report above in... read more
Bank, Fund must lead on transparency in oil, gas and mining Revenues from oil, mining and gas are vital to about 60 developing or transitional countries, where more than two-thirds of the world’s poorest people are... read more
Global Witness is one of the founder members of the Publish What You Pay (PWYP) campaign of over 120 NGOs that are calling for governments, especially those in the G8, to take leadership and promote transparency over... read more
01.03.2002 | All the Presidents Men
All the Presidents Men is the product of two years of investigations, and provides an update on the campaign for full transparency in the oil and banking sector. It continues an exposé, which started with December 1999'... read more
01.12.1999 | A Crude Awakening
Angola is sub-Saharan Africa’s second largest oil producer after Nigeria, with recent discoveries suggesting it could soon become the largest; this at a time when the 1999 UN Human Development Index (HDI) places Angola... read more
By Porter McConnell - Manager of the Financial Transparency Coalition. When the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development was created in 2009, only a handful of experts were following the issue of... read more
One story that will be sure to develop in 2013 is the controversy around ENRC’s activities in Congo. For the background for this, a good place to start is the Global Witness statement of 23 December: “ENRC shareholders... read more
Rosie Sharpe, Senior campaigner, Global Witness Investigations carried out by the Guardian, ICIJ and the BBC's Panorama programme into the ease with which anonymous shell companies can be used to move dirty money... read more
Originally posted on the Taskforce on Financial Integrity’s website here. By Rosie Sharp Rosie Sharp is a Senior Campaigner for Global Witness, a member of the Task Force Coordinating Committee. You’re a criminal and... read more
Read this blog on Huffington Post. When governments around the world are taking measures in support of fiscal austerity, foreign assistance is always a prime target for the chopping block. Bravely, some governments,... read more
This piece first ran on the Guardian website. The rich world has been busy tightening its belt in recent weeks, with Britain, Germany and Spain all announcing the severest economic cuts in generations and... read more
This article is written by Dr Guo Peiyuan, SynTao General Manager and based on his presentation at 2013 EITI Global Conference.  The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) has been... read more
"A $150-million investment ties Tokyo Sexwale to a controversial Israeli businessman as he pulled off the "heist" of a prize mining asset in the DRC" - Mail & Guardian. Click here to read the article. read more
Article: Why fighting corruption in Asia involves battling apathy read more
Transparency International - Corruption Index 2010 – Authoritative annual review of global corruption from our friends at Transparency International. read more
War-torn states are still seen as being the most corrupt in the world, according to a new report from Transparency International. BBC World - War-hit countries most corrupt read more
简体中文  EU anti-corruption laws will hit Chinese companies overseas China Dialogue PetroChina, Sinopec and other Chinese companies will be required to reveal payments made to overseas governments as a condition of... read more
Today The Economist came out in support of the campaign “to put a stop to hidden company ownership and to make energy and mining companies disclose more about the payments they make to win concessions.” Global Witness... read more
One story that will be sure to develop in 2013 is the controversy around ENRC’s activities in Congo. For the background for this, a good place to start is the Global Witness statement of 23 December: “ENRC shareholders... read more
Rosie Sharpe, Senior campaigner, Global Witness Investigations carried out by the Guardian, ICIJ and the BBC's Panorama programme into the ease with which anonymous shell companies can be used to move dirty money... read more
Rob Walker of the BBC Assignment team investigates what’s happened to billions of dollars in oil revenues paid to the government of Equatorial Guinea since it's oil boom in the 1990s. Anthea Lawson from Global... read more
For centuries, wave after wave of colonists and foreign investors have swept through Africa, looking for profits from the continent’s abundant reserves of oil and prized minerals, write Beth Morrissey, Himanshu... read more
With Colonel Muammar Gaddafi all but gone, Libya's prospects can be summed up in one word: oil, says Vivienne Walt in TIME Magazine. Far different from the revolutions in Tunisia or Egypt, or the rebellions in Yemen... read more
Human rights organisations are calling on donor governments to reassess their aid programmes to Cambodia if the country passes a law that can be used to muzzle local and foreign NGOs, writes the Guardian's Marc Tran. read more
Beyond the immediate priority of securing control of the LIA assets frozen as a result of international sanctions, the challenge confronting Libya’s new leadership is how to reform an institution that, if it survives in... read more
The 40-nation Libya contact group is meeting with the Interim National Transitional Council to decide how best to support the rebels against Muammar Gaddafi's forces. Global Witness's Brendan O'Donnell argues on Comment... read more
The London-based anti-corruption campaign group, Global Witness, said it has evidence that Teodorin Obiang, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of the tiny West African state of Equatorial Guinea, has plans to... read more
 High street banks in the United Kingdom could have helped fuel corruption in Nigeria by accepting millions of dollars in deposits from dubious politicians in the west African nation, an international corruption... read more