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Please see the attached letter from seven international non-governmental organizations, experts on the topic of illegal logging in Madagascar, to the Minister of Environment and Forests of Madagascar, regarding the... read more
Montreal, January 31, 2012 - The Canadian Association Against Impunity (CAAI), expressed its profound disappointment with last week’s decision by the Quebec Court of Appeal overturning the decision of the Quebec... read more
Global Witness and CCFD-Terre Solidaire welcomed a commitment today by EU Trade Commissioner De Gucht and Development Commissioner Piebalgs to make supply chains more transparent, a move that will help prevent natural... read more
Global Witness has long campaigned for companies to come clean about who actually owns them. In most countries in the world individuals can legally disguise their identities and their assets behind anonymous shell... read more
Siemens cannot sit on the B-20 anti-corruption working group whilst also sitting on the board of, and financially contributing to, the US Chamber of Commerce who are seeking to undermine the US Foreign Corrupt... read more
Proposals to Amend Foreign Bribery Law Could Significantly Undermine Human Rights, Commerce, U.S. Standing in the World WASHINGTON, DC – More than 30 civil society and business groups, including human rights and... read more
Governments and companies must redouble their efforts to implement international supply chain control standards aimed at ending the trade in conflict minerals, a new UN report shows.    In a report published... read more
For immediate release  Cambodia: Revise or Abandon Draft NGO Law Donors Should Insist on Protections for Civil Society (Bangkok, December 22, 2011) – Donors, who provide approximately half of Cambodia’s national... read more
This submission focuses on the role of the financial sector of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) in facilitating a possible loss in value of billions of dollars from state mining assets in the Democratic Republic of... read more
Afghanistan and its donors have taken an important step in making sure the country’s vast potential mineral wealth translates into development by recognising the importance of transparency and accountability in the... read more
Over the next three years, Afghanistan will be awarding contracts for many of its valuable mineral and petroleum reserves.  It is critical to Afghanistan’s future that access to these resources is managed carefully... read more
Afghanistan’s international partners must commit their support to transparent and accountable management of Afghanistan’s vast mineral and petroleum reserves, said Global Witness as the International Afghanistan... read more
Read the press release The diamond trader looked me in the eye and said "If I don't buy them somebody else will". He was talking about blood diamonds from Angola, Sierra Leone and elsewhere. It was 1997 and I was... read more
Read a message from Global Witness Founding Director, Charmian Gooch Lire le communiqué de presse en français Global Witness today announced that it has left the Kimberley Process, the international certification... read more
Lire en français In July and August 2011, news came out that state mining companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Gécamines and Sodimico had sold stakes in four major mining sites without making the... read more
Confidential U.S. government documents uncovered by campaign group Global Witness and reported on in today's New York Times, strongly suggest that Teodorin Obiang, son of the dictator of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea,... read more
Global Witness and Sherpa invite you to the press launch of a legal complaint which has been lodged before a Public Prosecutor in France against a French timber company. The launch will take place on 18 November,... read more
Doha:  A handful of countries are responsible for the failure of a crucial meeting to agree an effective mechanism that would give a global anti-corruption treaty real power, said Christian Aid, Global Witness, Tax... read more
  The Kimberley Process (KP) rough diamond certification scheme failed to reach a consensus to suspend Zimbabwe at this week's Plenary meeting in Namibia, in spite of evidence of serious non-compliance with the... read more
Global corruption treaty will fail without agreement on an effective review mechanism in Doha next week   Starting Monday 9th November, 141 countries that have signed the only global treaty against... read more
No monitoring, no protection of natural forests means continued forest emissions Barcelona - Prospects for a robust agreement to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation in developing countries (REDD) are on... read more
Algerian NGO blocked and a Gabonese activist faces difficulties   The Algerian government is blocking attendance of an Algerian NGO from an upcoming UN anti-corruption summit. This is a deeply worrying... read more
31 countries lead by signing Forest Pledge; Maldives Vice President calls for leadership Barcelona - The potential of REDD to deliver real reductions in emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and to... read more
Barcelona opportunity for UK push on forest protection Barcelona - The future of the world's remaining rainforests will inch closer to resolution when United Nations climate change negotiations resume in Barcelona today... read more
Kimberley Process (KP) members must act on the overwhelming evidence of Zimbabwe's failure to comply with the minimum requirements of the rough diamond certification scheme, said civil society groups today, ahead of the... read more
A Paris court's decision to convict 36 people in connection to illegal arms sales to Angola during its civil war in the 1990s, including arms dealers, middlemen and French politicians, is a victory for the rule of law... read more
The illegal cross-border timber trade between Burma and China has decreased significantly since 2005. However, ‘snake business' is widespread and the authorities in China should do more to clamp down, according to a new... read more
Campaign groups Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Liberia and Global Witness today welcomed the Liberian Auditor General's audit of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy and called on the Government to act on its disturbing... read more
There is an imminent oil supply crunch that governments have failed to acknowledge or act upon, the impacts of which will be felt throughout every aspect of modern society which is heavily reliant on oil, according to a... read more
The UNCAC Coalition is very concerned about reports that the Russian Federation has taken steps to block attendance of a Georgian NGO at an upcoming UN meeting on corruption. The same Georgian group, the... read more
In December 2013 Global Witness published Azerbaijan Anonymous in which we called for the release of information concerning who the real owners are of companies involved in the extraction and trading of oil that... read more
How construction in Japan is driving destruction in Malaysia's last rainforests. Will Japan change its ways ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? read more
For immediate release: 27 Oct 2014 South Sudan’s first post-independence oil deal is high-risk and in urgent need of further scrutiny, according to a new Global Witness report released today. The seven month... read more
To read press release in English, click here To read press release in Myanmar language, click here 25 oil and gas companies in Myanmar have set a global precedent by publishing who their real owners are, as detailed in... read more
The Open Society Foundations (OSF) has shown its confidence in Global Witness and wants to help build a campaigning organisation that is deep-rooted, long-lasting and even more effective, with a strong infrastructure... read more
Click here to read the associated press release. This investigation reveals the illicit payments, violence and intimidation linked to a London-listed company’s bid to find oil in Africa’s oldest national park. In the... read more
With the final meeting of the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals taking place next week, Global Witness is pushing for clear goals and targets on land rights, forest management, and anti-corruption... read more
The tropical rainforests of Borneo are internationally recognized for their cultural and ecological significance, but they are under serious threat from unsustainable logging and agriculture. This threat is particularly... read more
27.03.2015 | Important notice
Our email system is currently experiencing technical difficulties. If you have a very urgent message for us please leave a message on +44 207 492 5820.  read more
Global Witness is seeking an Executive Director to run the organisation and its pioneering investigations and campaigns. Please note that the deadline for applications has been extended until 5 January 2015. See here... read more
The Open Society Foundations (OSF) has shown its confidence in Global Witness and wants to help build a campaigning organisation that is deep-rooted, long-lasting and even more effective, with a strong infrastructure... read more
"Africa's minerals, precious stones and other commodities should have brought better lives for African people. But for decades these trades have funded and fuelled some of the continent's most brutal wars. More... read more
When an oil company promises to suspend hugely controversial work in Africa’s oldest national park it should be cause for celebration. But the commitment by British oil company Soco to withdraw from Virunga... read more
June 12th, 6:30 - 9:30pm, Impact Hub, Kings Cross London The Elephant In the Woods – an evening of music, talk, drink & more about how our future is linked to the fate of the forests Saving forests was once in... read more
Join us at Hay Festival this week for a series of conversations about changing the system - with people who have done just that. We’ll be talking to Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who blew the lid on the extent of NSA... read more
Three AGMs as a public company and three times Global Witness has publicly asked Glencore’s board to commission an independent investigation into its Congo deals. Glencore’s Chairman Tony Hayward was unequivocal in... read more
Business people sometimes think we campaigners are a bit naïve. Our lofty ideals should be accommodated as far as possible, but business is business. We need to be realistic about how the world works. Well, we are... read more
See Global Witness Director Patrick Alley’s TEDxExeter talk and blog on how the logging industry tricked us into financing our own destruction.   In 1876 a group of famous explorers gathered in Brussels for the... read more
The City of London Police has commissioned this short crime prevention video to demonstrate the impact that a corruption investigation could have on companies and individuals who ignore the Bribery Act and break the law... read more
As President Barack Obama returns to Myanmar, leading members of the US Congress call for the country's rulers to live up to their promises of reform by allowing citizens access to the information and freedom... read more
This article is written by Dr Guo Peiyuan, SynTao General Manager and based on his presentation at 2013 EITI Global Conference.  The Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) has been... read more
Diarmid O'Sullivan, Open Society Foundation research fellow and ex-Global Witness campaigner has released a report today on how transparency helps identify problems in the governance of natural resources, as well... read more
At least 500 people have been uprooted from their homes to make way for luxury villas where European Union foreign ministers, including William Hague, will stay during a summit in Laos on Monday, writes David Blair in... read more
A report by Peru Support Group. Abstract: High gold prices, persistent poverty and a shortage of employment opportunities in Peru have all contributed to an increase in artisanal and small-scale gold mining activity in... read more
Shell companies Launderers Anonymous A study highlights how easy it is to set up untraceable companies Sep 22nd 2012 | NEW YORK | from The Economist SHELL companies—which exist on paper only, with no real... read more
"A $150-million investment ties Tokyo Sexwale to a controversial Israeli businessman as he pulled off the "heist" of a prize mining asset in the DRC" - Mail & Guardian. Click here to read the article. read more
South Sudan will market its crude through its oil ministry, an oil official said on Thursday casting further doubt on the role trading major Glencore's venture will have in selling the nation's oil. Alexander Dziadosz... read more
Some donors do well, all donors can do better, writes Publish What You Fund. read more
Britain is being urged to help close down a legal loophole that lets financiers known as "vulture funds" use courts in Jersey to claim hundreds of millions of pounds from the world's poorest countries, write Greg Palast... read more
A UK-based lobby group is calling for more transparency in the spending of global development aid, estimated to be worth about $150bn (£93bn), writes BBC's Mark Doyle. read more
Clariden Leu AG, with roots that make it Switzerland's oldest private bank, has begun telling certain U.S. customers suspected of offshore tax evasion that it will disclose their names to the U.S. Internal Revenue... read more
Officials working with Libya's new governing authority are examining whether any payments made by Société Générale SA as part of its business relationship with the Libyan Investment Authority ended up in the hands of... read more
South Sudan's oil minister said on Saturday that an oil cargo detained by northern officials in Port Sudan in a row over duty payments had now sailed, but that negotiations over transit fees were stalled - read... read more
A major international anti-corruption provision in the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation remains stalled at the Securities and Exchange Commission, a year after the bill was passed by Congress and three months... read more
Europe must do its bit to stop the trade in conflict minerals We have to let our leaders know we do understand the link between products we buy and the suffering of others By Ed Zwick - Originally published at... read more
简体中文  EU anti-corruption laws will hit Chinese companies overseas China Dialogue PetroChina, Sinopec and other Chinese companies will be required to reveal payments made to overseas governments as a condition of... read more
Today The Economist came out in support of the campaign “to put a stop to hidden company ownership and to make energy and mining companies disclose more about the payments they make to win concessions.” Global Witness... read more
South Sudan hopes to sell several unexplored oil blocks for $1 billion in coming months, a finance official said, giving a potential lifeline for the African country's hobbled economy. Reuters. To read the Global... read more
One story that will be sure to develop in 2013 is the controversy around ENRC’s activities in Congo. For the background for this, a good place to start is the Global Witness statement of 23 December: “ENRC shareholders... read more
Rosie Sharpe, Senior campaigner, Global Witness Investigations carried out by the Guardian, ICIJ and the BBC's Panorama programme into the ease with which anonymous shell companies can be used to move dirty money... read more
From the Daily Mail ENRC has resolved not to buy mineral rights via controversial middlemen who campaign groups say pose an appearance or risk of corruption, the Mail understands. Chairman Mehmet Dalman has taken an... read more
With peril looming on both countries’ economic horizons, Sudan and South Sudan brokered a milestone oil-transit agreement over the weekend to the effusive praise of the international community. The deal represents a... read more
South Sudan says it will allow full access to information involving deals with international financial institutions, following a report by Global Witness on Wednesday, which it recommends that the new nation “exercise... read more
An intense lobbying campaign is under way as U.S. authorities prepare to implement what are supposed to be investor-friendly laws designed to clarify the global operations of listed oil companies. Zhang Tao and Wang... read more
Huffington Post blog written by Global Witness' Sudan and South Sudan Analyst, Dana Wilkins, available here. read more
Rob Walker of the BBC Assignment team investigates what’s happened to billions of dollars in oil revenues paid to the government of Equatorial Guinea since it's oil boom in the 1990s. Anthea Lawson from Global... read more
Global Witness has long campaigned for companies to come clean about who actually owns them. In most countries in the world individuals can legally disguise their identities and their assets behind anonymous shell... read more
Diamonds worth hundreds of millions of dollars are due to be put on sale on Friday by a joint Chinese-Zimbabwean company with strong military ties. The auction follows last month's decision by the industry watchdog... read more
China, the largest buyer of Sudanese crude oil, is pressing Sudan and the newly independent South Sudan to end a row that has led to the blockade of about 200,000 barrels a day of crude oil and contributed to... read more